Students from Exeter College's A-Level Film Studies Course have worked with us to curate a new temporary exhibition which everyone can enjoy in the museum.  Berry, Daisy, Etty, Lola and Tilly's exhibition looks at Wire-Fu - the use of wires and pulleys to enhance stuntwork in East Asian martial films. Items included relate to the use of wire-fu, and to the traditions of martial arts as seen in films in Japan, China and Hong Kong and its influence on western screens, from the popularity of the Kung-fu cycle in the 1970s, as seen in this book (EXEBD 29498) to Hollywood films such as 'The Matrix'

This curation builds on a long and productive relationship between the museum and both the Media and Fine Arts departments at Exeter College, the main educational establishment for young people between 16-18 and provider of further education in the area. Students on courses at the college often tour the museum and make good use of having the country's leading museum of moving image history on their doorstep.

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