Over the next 6 weeks we are exhibiting a new artwork inspired by our collections. Student Stephanie Franklin-Burns has created the piece - a triptych of pen and gauache drawings of collections of artefacts from the museum, representing Pre-cinema, The Golden Age of Cinema and Modern cinema. She assembled the objects together, photographed them and then drew the pictures over the summer from the photographs.  Here is Stephanie with her work, which you can view in the reception area of the Old Library until mid-November. Stephanie has been a volunter at the museum for over a year and studies Art History and Visual Culture. She is active in both the Art Society and Campus Cinema. Thanks to Stephanie for her wonderful drawings showcasing the range of artefacts here at the museum and illustrating how together they make meanings about the importance of moving images in people's lives. You can see the artefacts in the drawings in our galleries here at the museum.

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