There are four new exhibitions curated by students now open to visitors in the reception area of the Old Library, which houses the museum. Again these have been curated by students studying third year film module EAF 3513 British Screens, taught by the museum's curator, Dr Phil Wickham and Professor Linda Williams. The course looks at the history of the moving image in Britain throug h the museum's collections. The students choose a theme within the broad parameters of the history of the moving image in Britain, and, select the artefacts from the collection and design the display. Along with a short written piece this assignment forms 50% of their mark for the module.

This year the exhibitions are:

Group A: The Politics of British Comedy

Curated by:

Jay Daniels

Romany Ryan

George Warburton

Tirion Williams

Group B: Commodified Britain

Curated by:

Sara Badran

Emily Cooper

Yifu Gong

Jack Rayner

India Walton-Salmon

Group C: Wealth Through British Cinema

Curated by:

Sam Bateman

Abby McLeod

Fenn Parker-Cook

Tabatha Sherborn

Jenny Yu

Viktorija Zekaite

Group D: Hidden Histories

Curated by:

Norah Delahaye

Alice Kommu

Finlay Ross

Thomas Swanser

Anna Wallis

Thnaks to all the students for their great work.

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