We have a new set of student exhibitions, which are now open to the public. Students on the 3rd year module British Screens curate exhibitions from the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum Collections in groups as part of their assessment. The module is a history of the moving image in Britain through the museum's holdings and is taught and convened by the museum's curator, Dr.Phil Wickham.

This year's displays are:

Gazing Inward: Transatlantic Sex Symbols and their Public Personae; curated by Nuha, Delphi, Carlos, Flora and Daniel

British Identity from Myth, Legend and Fantasy  As Represented on Screen; curated by Esther, Geoff, Berity, Yann and Elizabeth

and British 20th and 21st Century Comedy; curated by Emer, Tom, Madeline and Derek.


The exhibitions form 25% of the students total mark on the course and are an example of the innovative assessments that take place at Exeter.

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