A PhD studentship has been advertised to study at Exeter and work on the Bill Douglas Working Papers, recently acquired by the museum.

The studentship is entitled 'Creativity and Constraint in the British Film Industry in the 1970s and 1980s: A Case Study on Bill Douglas'and and will look at the problems and issues in the British film industry in this period and how the work of Bill Douglas, a singular film artist with a very particular vision, fits within British cinema of the time.

You can find further details on the studentship and links to applying for the funding here . The award is funded by the University of Exeter and The Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Trust and covers UK/EU tuition fees and an annual maintenance payment of £14,553.

The studentship will involve working closely with the museum, in particular exploring the largely unresearched Bill Douglas Working Papers, donated to the museum by Bill's friend and collaborator Peter Jewell and others that worked on his films, especially his 'poor man's epic' about the Tolpuddle Martyrs, 'Comrades'. The papers have been catalogued and here former intern Arielle Woods talk about this process and some of the contents of the archive.

This is a fantastic opportunity for new scholars of British cinema or art cinema to work on original and unique materials to produce groundbreaking research. We look forward to your application - the deadline is 16 July.


Photo by David Appleby

Photographs are by David Appleby from the set of 'Comrades'.

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