This week sees the culmination of the JPI Heritage funded project 'A Million Pictures'. which looks at lantern collections across Europe and examines the importance of this fascinating and important medium by looking at magic lantern slides as artefacts and as objects of learning. One of the leaders of the project is Professor Joe Kember who teaches film here at the University of Exeter and the museum has been closely involved. A workshop held at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter brings together scholars to discuss the lantern and the event will culminate in a spectacular public show for all at the Barnfield Theatre on Friday night, 12th January 8pm. Details are above. THere will be an exhibition of lantern slides from The Bill Douglas cinema Museum on display at RAMM this weekend, along with some of their own holdings. This will be in the Garden Room just off the back entrance to the museum.

For those of you that get to see the show, the producers have devised a survey to find out what you thought about the experience. Please fill it in on the link below.

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