Thanks to the genorosity of the estate of Bill Douglas we have been able to offer a number of research stipends to researchers and scholars from all over the world since 2017. The maximum award for UK researchers is £500 and for overseas visitors £1500.

Stipend holders receive funding to come and visit the museum in Exeter and research our collections. This will contribute to their books, articles, films or artworks, which will be informed by our holdings. 14 researchers were awarded stipends to visit in 2017 and a further 9 in 2018, looking at a range of artefacts on areas of study well served by our colections. They are asked to submit a blog on their work here for our website.

In 2023, stipends were awarded to:

Dr Rosie Hickey

Heritage Officer at the Strand Arts Centre, Belfast

Blog Escaping to the Pictures? Cimema-going during World War Two

Rastko Novaković

Film maker

Blog  'Make them work for the gold.' A few notes on the visual style of Bill Doublas, as illumniated by his working papers.

Dr Claudy op den Kamp

Principal Academic in Film at Bournemouth University

Blog The Shadow Land: Serial Photography and the Legal invention of Motion Pictures Or, how I have leant to embrace serendipity in doing archival research. Claudy investigated holdings on Muybridge and Dickson.

Dr Christina Wilkings

Lecturer in Film and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham

Blog Looking back to move forward: Researching Men's Mental Health in Cinema 

Professor Melanie Williams

Professor of Film Studies at the University of East Anglia

Blog A Tale of Two Muriels: Researching the world of women's script work in postwar Britain at the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum

The stipends awarded in 2019 were to:

Dr Malcolm Cook

Associate Professor of Film Studies, University of Southampton

Blog 'Useful' Animation and Its Intermedial Uses

Dr Eric Hoyt

University of Wisconsin, Madison USA

British film Trade Magazines and the Digital Archive

Dr Carla Mereu Keating

University of Bristol

Blog Translation and the consumption of foreign-language films in the UK

Dr Andrea Mariani

University of Udine, Italy

Scrapbooks and Film Fans

Colm McAuliffe

Birkbeck College, University of London

Blog   The Rise of French Film Theory in Film Studies in the UK

Professot Tamar Jeffers MacDonald

University of Kent

Joan Crawford in the fan magazines

Dr Clive Nwonka

London School of Economics

Babylon and Black British Cinema

Dr Chris O'Rourke

Senior Lecturer in Film and Telelevision, University of Lincoln

Blog Queer Uses of British Fan Magazines

Kari Sund

University of Glasgow

Film Fiction before World War Two

The stipends awarded in 2018 were to:

Seth Giddings

Associate Professor Digital Design and Art, Winchester School of Art

Blog  Handheld Cinema, or, the other successful toys that move

Milan Hain

Assistant Professor, Film Studies  University of Palacky, Czech Republic

Blog David Selznick: Starmaker

Birgitta Hosea

Animator and Professor, University of Creative Arts, Farnham

Blog  Animated Loops: From Print to Instagram

Sarah Kelley

PhD candidate, University of Bristol

Blog  Harry Potter and the Representation of British Culture: A Paratextual Analysis

Paul Moody

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, Brunel University

Blog  Gavrik Losey and Don Boyd's work at EMI Films

Jenna Ng

Head Of Interactive Media, University of York

Blog  Virtual Reality and Pre-Cinema

Renu Savant

Filmmaker, India

Blog Re-versing the Journey

Podcast  Interview with filmmaker Renu Savant

Martin Stollery

Independent Scholar and Writer

Blog  Paul Rotha - 'Filmland's Forgotten Man'

Ellen Wright

Senior Lecturer in Cinema and Television History, De Montfort University

Blog  Homes of the Hollywood stars

Awards in 2017 were to:

Dr Jennifer Barnes, Lecturer in Film University of Dundee

Blog on Taylor and Burton as a Shakespearean Couple

 Carolin Beinroth

PhD student in Musicology, University of Giessen, Germany.

Blog Music in early cinema exhibition in Britain

Dr Victoria Byard, lecturer in Television, Falmouth University

Peter Cotes and early British Television Drama

Dr Rudmer Canjels

Independent Cinema researcher, The Netherlands

Blog Cigarette Cards and cinema in Britain

Dr Maria Corrigan

Assistant Professor in Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College, USA

Blog  Charlie Chaplin as a national and global figure

Dr Tiago de Luca

Lecturer in Film, University of Warwick

Blog   Images of the World in Pre-cinema and Early Cinema

Dr Victoria  Duckett, Lecturer in Screen (Film and Media) Deakin University, Australia.

Blog  Sarah Bernhardt and 19th Century Stage Actresses in Early Cinema


Cara Fraser, PhD student, University of Dundee 

Blog Bill Douglas and Bertholt Brecht

Dr Emily Hayes, Honorary Research Associate, Oxford Brookes University

Blog Glimpses of Other Worlds: Victorian geographical and travel magic lantern shows and city guides

Dr Nick Jones, Lecturer in Film, University of York

Blog  Steroscopes and new ways of seeing

Andy Kimpton-Nye, Filmmaker

White working-class youth in British 1970s Cinema: The Bill Douglas, Don Boyd and Gavrik Losey Collections

Blog 'Alienation and Ambition White Working-Class Youth in '70s British Cinema

Prof. Julian McDougall, Professor in Media practice, Bournemouth University

'Comrades' and the Tolpuddle Martyrs story represented in the 'third space'.

Blog  'Comrades and Curators'

Rod McLachlan

Artist and PhD Student, University of the West of England

Using 19th century devices to inspire a new projection device 

Dr Henry K Miller

Film Journalist and Supervisor at the University of Cambridge

Early Art Film exhibition in Britain

Blog In search of the Early Film Art Movement

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