Articles include: Michele Manceaux 'Michelangelo Antonioni: an interview'; Richard Roud 'Five films' including commentary of 'Cronaca di un Amore', 'Le Amiche', 'I Vinti, 'La Signora Senza Camelie', 'Il Grido' and 'L'Avventura'; Penelope Houston 'L'Avventura'; Stanley Kubrick, 'Words and Movies', an account on the novel and the movies Peter John Dyer, 'The London Festival' Eric Rhode, 'Why Neo-Realism Failed', including sections on 'Bicycle Thieves', 'Umberto D.' and 'La Terra Trema'; Peter Davis, 'A Hero of Our Time', an account on the film, I Aim at the Stars David Robinson, 'Monitor in Profile', about the TV programme, Monitor Eleanor McCann, 'The rhetoric of Wild Strawberries' Film reviews: Peter John Dyer, 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' Eric Rhode, 'La Dolce Vita' Derek Prouse, 'Rocco and his Brothers' John Gillett, 'Jalsaghar and The World of Apu' Penelope Houston, 'The Sundowners' Terence Kelly, 'Tunes of Glory' Kenneth Cavander, 'Never on Sunday' Philip Riley, 'Jazz on Summer's Day' Peter John Dyer, 'Spartacus' Robert Vas, 'A Breath of Scandal' Book Reviews: John Russell Taylor, 'Agee on Film, Vol. II' Isabel Quigly, 'The Days Were Too Short' John Gillett, 'La Dolce Vita' Includes advert for L'Avventura at the Paris Pullman The cover photo is from West Side Story

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Michelangelo Antonioni (film director)

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