The museum holds several archival collections which have been generously donated by key figures in British cinema. The archives have a particularly strong emphasis upon modern British independent films.

This list is intended to give a brief overview of the various archive collections held in the Bill Douglas Cinema Museum. For full details of a particular collection, please click on the Collection title.

Bill Douglas  (BDC 1) Bill Douglas (1934-1991) Filmmaker. Bill Douglas's working papers, including correspondence, journals, storyboards, script versions related to the production of his film Comrades (1987) and Bill's other projects. There are also items relating to Comrades from designer Michael Pickwoad, editor Mick Audsley and continuity supervisor Penny Eyles.

Don Boyd (BDC 2)
Don Boyd (1948- ), film director, producer and writer: personal and business papers, mainly consisting of production documents relating to films written, produced or directed by Boyd 1968-2000, as well as film companies founded or co-founded by him. Also drafts, script notes, correspondence, publicity materials; 1968-2000.

Bob (Robert) Dunbar (BDC 3)
Bob Dunbar (1914-2000), film producer, principal of the London (International) Film School: personal and business papers relating to his films; also film scripts, production notes, papers from the London Film School, personal correspondence, press-cuttings, literary papers and interview transcripts, 20th c.

Ossie Morris (BDC 4)
Ossie Morris (1915-2014), cinematographer: production material and some personal papers relating to his films. Also includes unpublished screenplays, shooting scripts and photographic shot lists, 20th c.

James Mackay (BDC 5)
James Mackay (1954- ), film producer: personal and business papers relating to his activities as a producer, in particular the films of Derek Jarman. Includes diaries, correspondence, production papers, financial papers, film scripts, screenplays, posters and press-cuttings, 20th c.

Gavrik Losey (BDC 6)

Gavrik Losey (1938 - ), film producer: business papers and production materials relating to his films as a producer, including Little Malcolm ( 1974), Agatha (1979) and Babylon (1980). Also papers from his work in production for Woodfall Films and for David Puttnam’s company, Goodtimes. Includes film scripts and screenplays for made and unmade films, assorted photographs and negatives, financial papers and film budgets.

Anthony Attard (BDC 7)

Anthony Attard (1941 -2020), screenwriter: film scripts, television scripts, awards and certificates, correspondence on made and unmade films including That Summer! (1979), memories of working in the film industry in the UK and US and of studying at the National Film School in the 1970s. Correspondence with film personalities, including Lindsay Anderson and David Puttnam. Mr Attard has also donated film memorabilia to the museum. 

Peter Cotes (BDC 8)
Peter Cotes (1912-1998), actor, producer and director: personal papers and other items relating to his career in film and television production, 1950s-1990s. Includes press articles and reviews, photographs, documents and business correspondence about his own work as a producer and about the film-maker and critic Paul Rotha, as well as personal correspondence including from the journalist and television critic Peter Black.

Pamela Davies (BDC 9)

Pamela Davies (1922-1986) Continuity Supervisor working in the British film industry from the 1940s to the 1980s. Hundreds of still photographs, contact sheets and other ephemera on the films she worked on, including Richard III (1955), I Could Go on Singing (1963) and Oliver! (1968). This resource shines a light on female below the line labour in the British film industry in this period and in particular continuity roles, which were almost always ascribed to women.


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